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Are you starting to realize it’s time to lose some weight? Have you been trying to lose weight but realized that no matter how many hours of exercise and how many healthy meals you make, there’s just no difference on the scales?

Obesity has become a serious issue for many people in the United States, and having a high BMI can lead to serious consequences.There are many types of diets and new trends seem to pop up every week, but sometimes the best diets are the ones with the most guidance.

Read along to find out about the great benefits that make a doctor supervised weight loss program the perfect option for a new, healthy you!

1. Customized Assessment and Diet Plan

The very first step in a supervised weight loss program is a full doctor assessment of your body. This will provide both the doctor and you the information necessary for crafting the perfect plan based on your body’s limitations.

Diet plans found on the web can’t provide the in-depth detail that a plan suited just for you would have! On top of that, the diet plan that is set up by your doctor will suit your needs. This will allow you to still enjoy food while maintaining a similar lifestyle.

Tweaking some aspects of your diet can lead to some major changes. By understanding your specific case, doctors can formulate the perfect diet for your needs.

2. Exercise Tips Suited to Your Body

While anyone can tell you that exercise is key to weight loss, the specifics of that “exercise” are very difficult to understand. With a supervised weight loss program, your doctor can monitor your progress with different workouts of different intensities, and make suggestions for workout alterations.

One of the most important aspects of exercising is making sure that each exercise is correctly done. With a supervised weight loss program, your doctor can teach you how to correctly perform each exercise and what your goals should be throughout the diet.

3. Complete Medical Screening

Along with the diet plan assessment, your doctor will screen for any pre-existing conditions that may limit your weight loss goals. No online dieting tool or app can diagnose the allergies you may have, and make the necessary changes to ensure they you are feeling your best.

Your doctor will ensure that your body feels in tip-top shape by carefully adjusting your plan to appropriately care for your conditions.

On top of medical conditions, the screening will provide insight to physical limitations such a muscle deficiencies or weaknesses that will impact your exercises. With this medical screening, the doctor will adjust the workouts you may need to do.

As time goes on and your body goes stronger, it’s also great to have a doctor adjusting your program to keep up with your healthier body.

4. Careful Planning

One of the most difficult aspects of dieting is having a long-term plan besides just “exercise and eat better”. But these doctor supervised plans are just for that, as your doctor may meticulously plan for months of dieting.

Only a doctor with years of experience in this field can create long-term plans that will change as your body does and will adjust based on the successes and shortcomings of the diet. By appropriately adjusting the plan with a long-term goal in mind, doctors can provide you with plans that will maintain your continued health for months to come.

5. Habit Forming

Old habits die hard, and that is especially true when it comes to diet & exercise. In fact, recent studies have shown that our health habits form when we are children, and they are hard to change after that.

However, with a supervised program, these old habits will make way to better, healthier ones and your doctor will be able to teach you the best way to make these necessary, healthier changes.

One of the biggest reasons why these supervised weight loss programs are so successful is because of simple accountability. It is always difficult to keep yourself accountable for exercising every day and sticking to a diet. Having a great partner in your doctor who analyzes your results week-to-week can pressure you into forming these habits and keeping yourself accountable for your actions.

This accountability will support your health and fitness journey by forming healthy habits. It will also ensure that your goal is not only to reach a target weight but to also stay there in the long term through continued monitoring of your everyday actions.

6. Knowledge of Health Benefits

While many Americans diet for health and aesthetic reasons, we can only truly observe physical progress in the latter. As we see the fat recede off our bodies and the numbers on the scale tip down, we feel increasingly better about ourselves and our accomplishments.

However, there is always an added health dimension to dieting which your doctor will make clear. By seeing the progress you make and identifying the health benefits to weight loss, your doctor adds the health dimension that all Americans talk about, but no one truly appreciates while dieting.

Your doctor can inform you of the benefits that a healthier body will have in the long term, from a lower risk of heart disease to a stronger immune system. This additional support that your doctor reports back to you is not common knowledge to most outside the medical field, but it is added motivation to keep those pounds off and keep up the good work.

Final Thoughts on a Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program

While millions of Americans start a diet every year, only a few of these diets are truly successful. Without the proper guidance and personalization of a diet, you will not be able to efficiently improve your body over time.

Only a doctor supervised weight loss program provides a fully customizable experience to fit your health needs. Now that you know just a few of the benefits of these programs, what are you waiting for? Find a ChiroThin doctor. They will be the perfect partner in this journey to a new you!

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