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How do you market weight loss to your existing patient base?
There are two simple ways you can do this.
First, send an email to both your active and inactive patients letting them know about your awesome new weight loss program.
Second, you can put up a sign with the name of your weight loss program at the front desk. This way, when patients come in for another appointment they’ll see it and might be interested in trying it out to help them lose those last few pounds that are so difficult to get rid of.
You could even have a trifold stating, “It’s Weight Loss Season!” or “Don’t you want to lose a few pounds for Lent” and then list the benefits of your weight loss program.
Those are some of the easiest ways you could start creating a buzz in your office with your active or non-active non-active patients about the new and exciting weight loss program in your practice.
If you’re looking for more ideas on how to get the word out about your weight loss program, check out my channel!

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