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A great question I’ve recently heard is…

“How do you know if someone is a proper fit for your weight loss program?”

First, find anyone that’s overweight. Anyone that’s overweight by 10 or 20 pounds or more is definitely a good fit.

You’re looking for anyone that is dealing with a lot of systemic things — like maybe type two diabetes, high blood pressure, or digestive distress. They’re not sleeping well at night. Their skin looks horrible. They look older than they actually are.

Don’t forget to do this with your active patient, and ask them if they know anyone else that is looking to lose weight in a doctor-supervised and healthy manner.

Those are some of the best ways to find out who’s qualified in your clinic.

People the are most qualified in your clinic are the ones that really want to get healthy.

They’re following your chiropractic treatment programs. They’re very receptive to doing something different, and they’re willing to do what it takes to make a difference in their health, even if they know they’re going to miss out on certain foods that they’re going to want to have over the next 6-8 weeks.

Those are the perfect people that you want to target– your qualified candidates to start your ChiroThin weight loss program.

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