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Here are some of the things I’ve learned when I first added weight loss to my practice over six years ago.
Hopefully, they’ll help you as you incorporate weight loss into your practice, too.
First, it’s going to take a little time to grasp the concept and understand your procedures.
Be patient.
You’re adding something entirely new for your office that you’ve never done before — but you’re not alone!
It’s not uncommon to have a team member be your assistant with your weight loss programs.
They can manage your patient flow, and help keep things moving smoothly in your office while they’re there. They can interact with the patients, and all you have to do is supervise them.
As you incorporate weight loss into your practice, give yourself time to learn and be okay with making mistakes. It’s really okay.
It’s a lot to take on, and you may have some bumps in the road.
There are plenty of resources for weight loss that can help guide your practice through this transition from just a chiropractic office to an integrated medical wellness center. Check out our page to see more!

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