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We have the best results, and it’s because we have the best data.

Tracking Results

Every two weeks, we run a body comp analysis report.

If I want to track them daily, I could see how they’re doing day to day and also graph it.

We have an exclusive ChiroThin tracker for ChiroThin users only that allows us to see progress through graphing.

For example, we can see across six days how a patient has changed.

One individual has lost over 38 pounds in 13 days all because they’re doing the ChiroThin system.

That is incredible.

Our ChiroThin tracker shows that he already beat one of his objectives, and that was to lose 30 pounds in just six weeks.

He beat that in 13 DAYS!

Showing Results

Yes, this patient has a lot of weight to lose.

But at the same time, we’re showing him progress — he may have a lot to go, but he’s lost a lot, too.

The progress keeps getting better and better.

The patient has access to this, because when they open up their app, PROGRESS is the first thing they see.

We could just tell people how they’re doing in real time, every single day.

Working With The App

I always tell my patients — “Remember, you’re never alone.

We see and respond to every time you report in the tracker, which is daily, because we don’t want you to feel alone.

We want you to know that you are rocking out.

If you’re having some problems, well, this gives us an opportunity to go back to you to ask if you need assistance or if there’s any way we can help.”

That way, they get a first-class concierge service, and they pay you a nice suit for that.

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