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The Machine Works With You

Aloha! Today I’m going to share with you the one thing I have in this office that has helped me get a lot of chiropractic patients on board with our weight loss program.

That is some technology called a body comp analysis.

What Is A Body Comp Analysis?

These body comp analysis machines can go anywhere from under $100 to $3,000, and the one I’m using is just under $700.

I’m going to show it to you today; this is a body composition analysis that I’ve been having and using successfully now for the last six years.

You stand on this scale for a few seconds, and it read things.

There are four translucent electrodes on there.

Then it goes to the computer here.

And there’s the other thing you need — a simple laptop.

The report goes in here automatically. It gives all the data from what is found on the scale.

Then when I print it, I print it to a simple printer like this and get a nice, amazing report.

This report tells me a lot.

It tells me what their BMI is.

It tells me what their body fat percentage is.

It tells me how hydrated are they are. Are they drinking enough water?

It also tells us how much visceral fat they have.

That’s added inflammatory fat — the fat behind the fat/

This is the fat that wraps around their organs and things like that.

Stuff that just causes type two diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and more.

But most importantly, it tells us what is their true metabolic age versus their chronological age.

Let’s just say I could have a 34-year-old person in here and they have the metabolism so old who’s 90.

So instead of distancing themselves from a disease process, they’re rapidly accelerating towards one.

Instead of having a fat-burning metabolism, they have a fat-storing one.

You can use all kinds of examples like that, but it gets people present to just how bad of a situation they have and they need to take action now.

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