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Aloha, this is Dr. Chris Colgin, your ChiroThin liaison to the chiropractic profession.

Many people would say that they prefer to try stuff before they buy, so we are extending that offer to you!

Chiro Thin, as a weight loss program is, now available to take a “test drive” with your doctor or office if you as the doctor are willing and not quite sure.

We will work together to find out how chiropractic can help people lose weight and become healthier as a result!

Feel free to take advantage of our “try or buy” program!

There is a small fee attached to this, but its a fraction of the cost of buying it in full.

And if you decide you like it?

Well, we’ll just minus the difference between what you paid and what the cost of a one-time license fee is so you can get on and start helping people and patients and help improve your chiropractic outcomes as quickly as possible.

This is a great program for those looking to provide an effective weight loss program to their patients.

Reach out and see if ChiroThin is right for you!

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