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Showing the Problem

I just want to show you what do we show our patients to let them know that they have a problem — that they have an issue that needs to be taken care of.

First of all, we have some models.

One model first is five pounds of fat.

Now, the cool thing about that is when I show people this, I say, “I’m going to guarantee you’re going to lose almost five or more of those.”

That’s 20lbs or more!

They’re going to lose four or 5 of those in six weeks.

It’s kind of cool when you show people that.

Analyzing Data

But the other cool thing, and I did this in the previous video is I show them a report of some of the real-time data.

That is from our BCA, otherwise known as a body composition analysis, a report of where they are now in their weight loss program.

It shows how well they’re improving, and what’s going on.

I do this kind of report every two weeks on the patient because it gives that effect of, wow, look how much has changed in the last two weeks.

We’re talking about your BMI, the body fat percentage, even how hydrated you are — the more water you drink, the more fat you’ll burn.

What is their visceral fat rating?

That’s the fat behind the fat.

Are they drinking enough water?

Are they in fat burning? Are they burning fat versus storing muscle?

This takes the guessing work out of a lot of things.

Our Process Shows Progress

People love seeing their progress.

Even though they look at the same scale every day, they may not see such changes.

But when you do a body comp analysis, this gives more content to those four numbers they only see at home compared to what you see here with all this data.

So, it helps and when you do something this every two weeks, what it does is solidifies you’re doing the right thing for the patient.

They’re all in and they can’t wait to test better the next time they see them.

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