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Let’s talk about the myth that if you add weight loss to your practice, your staff won’t want anything to do with it.

That couldn’t be furthest from the truth.

I have more offices I deal with where the staff or the doctor themself want to do the program first, to lose some weight, look, feel, and function better, and be the hit story of the office.

They’re either going to look at your team members that have lost weight or are they going to look at the doctor that’s lost weight, and what’s going to happen naturally, patients are going to go “What have you guys done? You look amazing!”

When team members start hearing those things, they can take over this post and run the ChiroThin weight loss program in your office under the doctor’s supervision.

Then, you know what that leads to, that leads to better incentives, especially if they close more, or they get better measures with the patients, patients get better results, and also to get referrals.

You could gamify this program with your team members, so that way your team members will work harder for you because they now have the incentive to work harder for you because you’re going to bonus them.

It’s going to have a happy team, happier results, and everyone’s just happier in the end because everyone’s getting paid and everyone’s having a good time.

Let’s get in touch with each other, give us a call. I’ll share with you how you can implement ChiroThin, just as I’ve done the past six years in my office.