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When you look better, you feel better.


I’m going to talk to you today about a chiropractor story or even my story of how I got involved with weight loss and how it’s affected myself and my health, and especially my practice.

Around 2015-2014 I found out about this program through ChiroThin.

I dropped about 30 pounds in 6 weeks. Couldn’t believe how much better I felt, and how much energy I had.

A lot of times the doctor needs to kind of experience this for themselves.

If you’re not going to do it for your patients at first, at least do it for yourself so you can get that experience, figure out, now you know how to share with the patient how you feel, what happens during the program, what to expect.

If you take pictures of yourself in the beginning, then every two weeks, you’re now the star of the office where you’re using your marketing to share with other people what you used to look like.

At the same time, your blood pressure is going to go down, if you have issues with that.

This is an anti-inflammatory meal plan.

Joint pain typically goes away from 75%-100%, especially with people that have rheumatoid arthritis.

I hope you found this of use.

There are so many things that will help your chiropractic outcomes, but at the same time, it’s going to help you, Doc, be more proficient, have more energy, be more excitable, and make you the attractable magnet to your patients that you’ve been wanting all this time.