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Adding a new service takes time!


Today I’m going to talk about the myth that it’s difficult adding a new niche service to your practice.

It is, especially if you’re going to make it that way.

If you want to add this niche, you’re gonna make some time for it.

Coordinate with your team, look at your schedule, revamp some things because you see that there are a lot of possibilities and a lot of great things that will happen, especially if you’re adding weight loss to your chiropractic practice.

It could be any number of people on your team who can run this particular weight loss program for you, and you, as the doctor, just have to supervise and check in and make sure things are going okay.

That’s the beautiful thing about this.

So one is, you got to make some time.

You got to strategically put people there at certain consultation times, so that way you have time to take care of them and address their needs.

Second of all, once you start seeing some money coming in or start seeing the fruits of your efforts, I say, believe me, you’re going to be happy that you put your niche in.

It’s just about a mindset and always staying in the how, not that I can’t, but stay in the how, how can we do this?

At the same time, make it happen because you have exposure to so many of your patients, chiropractically right now, it would be a shame if you didn’t serve them for their health and weight loss needs, on top of the great work you do as a chiropractor.

I hope you found that of use and interest.