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When you are trying to lose weight it can seem like the whole world is against you. From every angle, you are bombarded with weight loss myths and false promises. It can be impossible to know what is true.

Fortunately, there has been a lot of research done into debunking false statements and the public has a great opportunity to learn for themselves what will work.

Everyone’s body is different and not all weight loss plans apply to everyone. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common weight loss myths so that you can achieve your goals.

1. All Calories are the Same

One of the most prominent weight loss myths circulating is the idea that it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you count your calories. This is an outright lie and keeps many people from achieving their weight loss goals.

In order for the packaged food industry to stay in business, they must perpetuate this myth. They use millions of dollars of funding to lobby the government to issue information that supports their claims.

The basic idea behind this lie is that if you believe all calories are the same you will still spend money purchasing unhealthy foods that you can eat in moderation.

Unfortunately, the science behind calories is not that simple.

Kinds of Calories

There are two different kinds – good calories, and bad calories. When we eat our body interacts with the nutrition we give it, transforming the food into energy that your body can use.

As the food is digested it sends signals to your brain to tell your cells what to do with the nutrients. Different vitamins are used for different purposes.

Each mouthful you ingest will affect your hormones, metabolism, circulatory system and brain chemistry. Calories that come from sugar will spike your hunger and cause your body to store more fat.

In contrast, calories from protein and fat help to promote the fat burning processes in your body. These higher-quality calories will leave you feeling full longer and help you avoid an afternoon energy crash.

2. You Can Blame Your Genetics

For many years doctors thought that genetics were the primary factor behind weight gain. They believed that some people were predisposed to the condition based on whether their mothers or grandparents were overweight.

Although there are more than forty genetic variants that contribute to weight gain, they cannot fully make a case for the hereditability of obesity. Research has shown that genetic factors only account for nine percent of obesity cases.

3. Exercise Can Beat a Bad Diet

Although it would be nice to imagine the human body as a simple math equation, this is another one of the weight loss myths. The ratio of calories in versus calories out is not all that matters when you are trying to lose weight.

As discussed previously, all calories are not created equal. It has been proven that weight loss is only twenty percent your amount of exercise and eighty percent your choice of diet.

4. Fat is Just Plain Bad

One of the biggest weight loss myths out there is the idea that eating fat will make you overweight. In fact, this statement could not be less true.

There are many different kinds of fats available in grocery stores today. Many of them contain excellent health benefits like the fats in avocados and the heart-healthy omega three fatty acids.

What you need to be worried about are diets that are high in sugar. Studies have shown that sugar has an entirely different way of interacting with your body than fat.

Sugar has been proven to slow down your metabolism and cause inflammation. In animal studies, higher-sugar diets led to massive muscle loss and increased fat deposition. The animals in the study were consuming the same number of calories.

5. Juicing Will Solve All Your Problems

In the past ten years or so juice bars have begun to pop up all over the country. They claim to serve drinks that can do amazing things for your health. Everything from help you lose weight to making your hair grow faster.

But unfortunately, juicing is not a solid weight loss strategy. The expensive blenders and fancy shops may even make you gain weight.

The reason this happens is that treating juice as a meal is not sustainable long term. Many of the nutritional components of the fruits and veggies are lost when they go through the juicing process and yet all of the simple sugars remain.

6. Being Hungry is Unavoidable

When you begin a diet you may be worried that you won’t be full anymore. You have probably heard a lot about cutting calories and carbohydrates and you are left wondering what it is you are going to eat to keep your hunger away all day.

Fortunately, you do not need to starve yourself in order to lose weight. In fact, when you drastically cut your calorie intake your body begins to go into a shock mode that stores fat. This is a natural defense mechanism your body has remaining from hundreds of years as hunters and gatherers.

The best way to ensure your body is steadily burning fat is to only eat when you are hungry. Then, when you do eat, only have enough to make your hunger go away. This will keep your metabolism in constant motion, ensuring that your body knows there will always be more where that came from.

7. Fasting Will Help You Lose Weight

Recently there have been stories circulating about people going on extended fasts in order to trigger weight loss. These fasts can last anywhere from a day or two to an entire month.

Although you may initially lose some weight using this method, when you return to eating solid food you will find that the pounds pile back on quickly. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to make a lifestyle change.

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

Now that you have learned a bit about some of the more common weight loss myths, you will be ready to step up to the challenge. Today is the day to make the changes that your body is craving.

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