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Do you continue to make the same “get healthy” New Year’s Resolution every single January 1st?

Well, it’s time to take responsibility for your actions and learn the best approach to getting fit and staying fit for the rest of your life.

You need to begin your fitness journey to living the healthiest lifestyle created for your body by hearing seven myths about weight loss that will shock you.

Read these seven myths about weight loss right now so you don’t make the same mistakes when it comes to the truth about losing weight.

Myths About Weight Loss #1: I Workout Enough So I Can Eat Whatever I Want

One of the most overheard ideas surrounding the world of fitness is that working out means you can get away with eating whatever you want.

This is completely not true!

Working out provides your body with the ability to reduce fat and gain muscle, but your diet factors into everything, too.

In actuality, your diet contributes to about 80% of your results. Don’t think you can start working out and continue snacking on Big Macs for lunch.

Start to make simple changes to what you eat. With your breakfast, opt for a protein-rich egg omelet or a fruit smoothie instead of waffles.

For lunch, choose foods that are nutrient-dense and packed with the right antioxidants. A chicken salad will give you the energy you need to keep moving throughout the day feeling your best.

Leafy greens and fresh fruits are two essential components to improving your diet to see faster weight loss results. If you have problems losing weight, you may need to switch up your current diet. Talk to a nutritionist if you need help figuring out what to eat.

Myth #2: End Sugar Consumption Completely to Lose Weight

In terms of setting yourself up to consume the right foods, you need to keep a balance in mind.

Completely abstaining from ingesting sugar will never help you lose weight. A lot of people assume sugars are the problem. However, you need to balance and modify your diet to consume equal amounts. Sugars provide your body will essential sources of energy and are the fuel you run on.

Sugar in high doses can increase your chances of developing onset type 2 diabetes so you want to eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages from your diet to prevent this disease altogether. These harmful added sugars are the worst kind to ingest.

Myth #3: Weight Loss Supplements Will Make You Thinner

It’s another common myth to believe in the power of weight loss supplements.

Magazines and even infomercials on TV often show the quick results people get from taking these weight loss supplements over the course of a few weeks.

In reality, it’s not common to take supplements and see dramatic weight loss changes overnight. Little research has been done to test out these supplements.

Instead of taking supplements and detox teas, you should consider the benefit of old-fashioned workouts and healthy diets to see lasting results for your body.

Myth #4: Working Out Takes Too Long

Start with small brisk walks after work to begin your fitness journey. Every small step in the right direction will be one step closer to your goals.

Once you practice self-discipline to continue makes strides to walk twenty minutes per day, you can gradually ease yourself into cardio and strength training.

Looking your best won’t happen in a day. It takes dedication and motivation to fully change your lifestyle. Working out doesn’t have to take two hours of your time. You can walk, bike, swim, or even practice yoga through YouTube videos for a good amount of daily exercise.

Myth #5: Skipping Meals Will Lead to Weight Loss

Studies prove the importance of eating small meals every few hours to see faster weight loss results.

If you skip meals, you are losing out on key nutrients that you must get throughout the day to keep your metabolism as high as possible.

In fact, your blood sugar will significantly drop if you decide to skip certain meals. You must intake a steady supply of nutrients or else your emotional functions will be affected.

Eating smaller, healthier meals can be your strategy for losing more weight than ever before.

Myth #6: You Can’t Go Out To Eat

Yes, you can go out to restaurants and find meals to help you continue your weight loss journey.

Of course, there are certain restaurants you should avoid altogether, but for the most part, you can spend time with friends and family dining at the same favorite restaurant.

Look for alternative cooking styles to the meals that interest you. Want to enjoy chicken? Opt for a grilled or blackened preparation method. Does your meal come with a side of french fries? Choose a side of fruit or a Caesar salad instead.

Making these small changes as you go out and explore ways to weave in your healthy diet can be fun, too. Take it as a challenge to look over the menu and find new ways to eat the things you love.

Myth #7: Healthy Food Is Expensive

A lot of people who struggle to lose weight believe that investing in healthy food, such as fruits and veggies, can be expensive.

You can shop at inexpensive food chains, such as Trader Joe’s to stock up on grains and frozen foods to prepare in large portions the Sunday before a week of work.

Meal prepping can create a schedule for you and your family to understand what’s for lunch and dinner in the upcoming days ahead.

Preparing large meals ahead of time, such as cooking batches of grilled chicken and broccoli, will not only save you money but will lead you to make the healthiest life choices for your family.

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The doctor supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program can offer you a new approach to finding a diet and exercise plan tailored to your special needs. Reading this article on the seven myths about weight loss is the first step to improving your weight loss plan today.

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